Why Do We Do It?!

 It's not all doom and gloom, honest! Here is something I wrote, I think many of us have been here at least once...... Why Do We Do It?! I had to attend the party, to refuse it would be rude Even though the thought of it had put me in a mood. It was their annual party so I guess just once a year I could slap on a smile whilst I guzzled down their beer. I know their neighbour Jim would go, he was a funny chap But his Father always got so drunk he'd want me on his lap! I got out of the car and up the drive I slowly went And was greeted by son David who thought he was heaven sent. "Have a tasty vol au vent, they're really quite terrific," I bit into the flaky mess which actually was horrific! I chewed a bit and suddenly the mass began to clog, I spat it out and luckily along came David's dog. Oh this is going well, why had I been so apprehensive? And then I saw old Mr Roberts on the charm offensive. I needed a stiff drink and I wasn't fussed which one But all